The importance of a photograph

This summer I met up with a friend I’ve not seen since I was 14 – we were only at school together for 3 years before I moved away and we sadly lost touch.  The minute I saw her again I was taken back to a photograph of her, laughing with her hands in the air, taken just before we moved.  That photograph is in an old crumbling album on my bookshelf in my sitting room.  Whilst I don’t look at that album very often, I’ve grown up with it and it’s part of me and my childhood memories.

It’s why photographs are so important, pictures of family probably even more so than friends.  Whenever I’m asked to take photos of a family, I know these images are going to be with them forever.  It captures a moment in time, maybe only a few hours of one day, but it’s captured.  Children grow up with these images around them and will remember the day, what you were wearing, what they were wearing, the fun you had taking them.  Most of the time you are behind the camera and don’t appear together with the family as a whole – your children will want to look back at images of you as much as you want to remember them as they were before they got taller than you!

It’s a great gift to give a loved one – a Lifestyle Family Portraiture Session Gift Voucher – email me for more info

Here are a few of the families I’ve photographed this year – I hope you enjoy them.

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About Lou Bushell

I love great photos - and I love taking great photos. It's as simple as that! I want you to enjoy having your photo taken by me, and for you to love the photos I take as much as I do.
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