Best Friend’s Shoot

Remember being a teenager?  You’ve a best friend and you have to spend every minute talking, laughing, shopping, dancing in your bedroom – anything as long as you’re doing it together! Sure, life has its ups and downs but you can’t imagine ever not knowing each other or being there for each other.

Last week the sun came out – it was warm enough for cappucino’s outside in the Market Square in Petersfield.  And it was the perfect day for a ‘Best Friend’s Shoot’ with these two – how I wanted to be 14 again!

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About Lou Bushell

I love great photos - and I love taking great photos. It's as simple as that! I want you to enjoy having your photo taken by me, and for you to love the photos I take as much as I do.
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1 Response to Best Friend’s Shoot

  1. Alex says:

    I am so in love with these photos and wish I had some taken of me like this at that age. They are both SO BEAUTIFUL and the photos are so wonderful, I love the ones with the hat, sunglasses, the one of them walking away arm in arm, the ones by the tree, the burst of sunlight in the photos – all so gorgeous! Beautiful work!

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