A plan comes together

I’m sure, like me, you are always meeting people that fill you with energy, make you smile and just click with.  The lovely Fran is one of those people.  Fran runs a superb beauty salon in Southsea called Chocolate (on the basis of a little of what you fancy does you good – SO true!).  Having an hour with Fran, whether it’s a full body massage, or a manicure, is an hour spent in heaven.  Imagine my delight when she and I had one of our conversations and realised we could help each other out.    Fran has decided to offer special treatments for pregnant ladies and is really keen to promote them.  I love photographing women in the later stages of pregnancy – it’s such a special time and one that disappears so quickly once the baby is born.  So, in return for a much needed treatment or two I photographed a  client of hers, the lovely Lisa, to provide her with some promotional images.  We had a fabulous time in Lisa’s home capturing these shots – Lisa is delighted, Fran’s delighted….. and I’m delighted!

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About Lou Bushell

I love great photos - and I love taking great photos. It's as simple as that! I want you to enjoy having your photo taken by me, and for you to love the photos I take as much as I do.
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